The Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) is very pleased to release our Digital Main Street Mid-Term Highlights Report to illustrate successes to date. The Digital Main Street (DMS) grant program is an innovative way to support our downtown cores and the small businesses that power our municipal and provincial economies.

The Digital Main Street Mid-Term Highlights Report provides a snapshot of the program’s progress as of March 31, 2019 by showcasing important data points such as money invested into communities and main street small businesses, as well as program uptake and reach. In addition, the Report provides interesting statistics on the importance of small business to our economy and the sizable opportunities for main street businesses online.

The Report also provides three interesting Digital Transformation Grant Recipient success stories that demonstrate the very real ways that Digital Main Street is changing small businesses in municipalities across Ontario.

OBIAA has a long record of working with the Province, and we are honoured to be in partnership again with Ontario’s government to deliver the Digital Main Street initiative. We are thrilled by the progress and what the future holds for main street small businesses. This initiative is changing the conversation. As we move into the second year of this program, we anticipate an even greater impact on our main street businesses that are integral to advancing distinct, livable, vibrant and resilient business districts within our local communities, our municipalities and our Province.

The great response and uptake from the municipalities across Ontario have been a tremendous boost to the Digital Main Street program, and OBIAA is honoured to be working in tandem with municipalities in every corner of Ontario to help ensure that our downtown areas and the businesses that sustain them continue to thrive


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A partnership between OBIAA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and based on a highly successful model pioneered by the Toronto BIA Association and the City of Toronto, Digital Main Street helps main street small businesses across Ontario remain competitive in the way they do business and attract customers by helping them adopt new digital technologies and build their online presence.


The Report:

This is a PDF download   DMS Mid-Term Highlights Report


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