About OBIAA 

OBIAA is renowned and respected across Ontario and beyond, as a dynamic and sustainable, highly-functioning organization, providing leadership, advocacy and world-class resources.  OBIAA is a catalyst for positive community and economic change, enabling growth in Ontario BIAs.

“OBIAA is the network that represents unique and vibrant BIAs across Ontario. The Association supports and advocates on behalf of its members through the building and nurturing of strong relationships and partnerships. OBIAA is a leader in the development and sharing of information, tools, resources and best practices, and is the ONE voice on common issues.”

Incorporated in 2001, OBIAA collectively represents more than 145 part-time staff, approximately 200 full-time staff with a combined budget of more than $50 Million Dollars that is spent keeping Ontario’s communities vital. There are more than 110,000 businesses that are represented within Ontario’s more than 300 BIAs and greater than 20,000 property owners with a collective assessment of 73,335,650,000.

As a not-for-profit, OBIAA falls under the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and is governed by a board of directors. OBIAA uses a Strategic Plan, which is developed every four years, to provide a road map for our committees.

Our Staff

Our team is small but mighty!

The OBIAA team is made up of three very passionate people with years of BIA and event experience behind them. Reach out today to see what the OBIAA team can do for you!


Kay Matthews
Executive Director
[email protected]
Direct: 647-521-5341

Erin Douglas
Admin & Membership Manager
[email protected]
[email protected]

Kennishia Duffus
Event Manager
[email protected]

OBIAA Elected Board of Directors

OBIAA Board members are elected in April to a 2 year term. The board consists of Executive Directors, Managers, Board Members and Stakeholders of BIAs from cities and towns across the province and includes Provincial Government Liaisons.

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Legal Disclaimer on Advice Given

Legal Notice:

The Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (the “OBIAA”) is a supportive organization which exists for the purpose of sharing experiences with members, suggesting possible avenues to investigate, and to provide a sounding board for members.

Advice given in the course of communications with the OBIAA is NOT legal or professional advice and is not a replacement for same.  It is ultimately, the obligation of members and other groups seeking advice from the OBIAA to satisfy themselves that they understand their rights and obligations under the law, and to seek legal counsel or professional advice when necessary.  The OBIAA does not hold itself out as being in a position to provide either professional or legal advice.  The OBIAA accepts no liability if information it provides to members is acted upon to their detriment, in whole or in part.  

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