Why should you attend the Professional Development Sessions?

Looking forward to 2022 and beyond, the Ontario BIA Association is helping build the capacity of Ontario’s BIAs by offering four (4) Professional Development Sessions.  These sessions look forward to both the Provincial and Municipal Elections with an aim of setting up the BIAs for success.   

While much of the work of a BIA is public relations, when the media comes calling, we want you prepared.  The June session will focus on preparing for your BIA Board Elections while providing you with great best practices.  The September Session will provide our BIAs Staff with a Governance Session which will help them onboard your new board and Councillors.  The final session for 2022 will look forward to events, such as farmers’ markets and how to prepare for the future.   

Each one of these sessions will include Break Out Rooms that will allow your BIA to talk directly with your peers, these Break-Out Sessions will give you an opportunity to go to your regional BIAs, your type of BIA (Industrial/Business Park), BIAs by size; the choice is yours! 

Keep checking our website for more information on the sessions and speakers.

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▪ All 4 Professional Development Sessions or the option to purchase one session.

▪ High value speakers and content including industry subject matter expert keynote speakers

▪ Networking Opportunities. talk directly with your peers, these Break Out Sessions will give you an opportunity to go to your regional BIAs, your type of BIA (Industrial/Business Park), BIAs by size; the choice is yours! 

▪ Tickets are also available to be purchased per session.

Download “Why You Should Attend the BIA Virtual Sessions” and share it with your board members 

This is a PDF download   Why You Should Attend the 2020 BIA Conference

Kerry Jarvi | Chair | Downtown Hamilton BIA

Liz Behrens | Volunteer

Rachel Braithwaite | St. Catharines Downtown Association

Jeff MacIntyre | Downtown Sudbury BIA

Salvatore Marchese | Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Association

Brendan Wetton | International Village BIA (Hamilton)

Jody Yantha | Bancroft BIA

Kay Matthews | OBIAA Executive Director

Erin Douglas | OBIAA Administrative & Membership Manager 

Kennishia Duffus | OBIAA Event Manager

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If you require any further information, please contact OBIAA at 1-866-807-2227 or email [email protected]

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