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OBIAA is here to help you from the very beginning of the creation of your new BIA. We assist with stakeholder consultation and help you focus on building strong foundations for business areas. Click here to access the Municipal Act. The part that directly references BIAs is 204 to 216 but note that any references to governance around local boards also applies.

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OBIAA can work with your Municipality to provide support and guidance. We have many best practices and resources to assist.

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Resource Library

OBIAA can provide speakers for your meeting, whether you are considering a BIA, have just started up a BIA or are interested in what other BIAs are doing around the province.

OBIAA Conference Benefits

As part of helping to build stronger BIAs, we offer training in a wide range of topics, directly through OBIAA or with our partners. These include Governance and Accessibility.
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Step-By-Step Guide To Starting A BIA

Starting a BIA begins with communication and an expressed need. OBIAA can help.

BIAs successfully help communities to be vital in the province of Ontario since 1970. The Municipal Act defines a step-by-step process to establish a new BIA.

Downlo​ad the BIA Handbook.

  • Establish the need.
  • Communicate with interested parties.
  • Establish a steering committee.
  • Set goals and objectives.
  • Preliminary budget proposal.
  • Determine proposed boundaries.
  • Formalize request to your municipality.
  • Provide required notices.
  • Pass required bylaw.
  • Success! You’re now a proud founder of a BIA.​

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