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BIA Levy Less than
$275.51 / Year
BIA Levy
$150,001 to $300,000
$693.50 / Year
BIA Levy
$300,001 to $500,000
$1,262.70 / Year
BIA Levy
$500,001 & over
$2,167.60 / Year
Associate (Ministry or Municipality)
$343.59 / Year
$113 / Year

OBIAA Member Benefits:

Members Needs Assistance Info

OBIAA can work with your Municipality to provide support and guidance. We have many best practices and resources to assist.

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Kay Matthews Speaking at Event

Resource Library

OBIAA can provide speakers for your meeting, whether you are considering a BIA, have just started up a BIA or are interested in what other BIAs are doing around the province.

OBIAA Conference Benefits

As part of helping to build stronger BIAs, we offer training in a wide range of topics, directly through OBIAA or with our partners. These include Governance and Accessibility.
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