OBIAA Virtual Professional Development Sessions (7)

Why should you attend the Professional Development Sessions?

The 2021 BIA Virtual Professional Development Sessions are an exclusive training opportunity available for BIA management; with multiple speakers, moderated discussions, and endless opportunities for professional development and growth.

Since we can’t meet in person, our Conference Committee has been working hard to yet again bring us all together virtually. With that purpose in mind, we are happy to announce 4 Virtual Professional Development Sessions – 2 sessions in April and 2 sessions in May.

Keep checking our website for more information on the topics, speakers, virtual platform, and how you can register!

Register Here

▪ All 4 virtual sessions, each one based on one of the pillars of downtown revitalization – Leadership + Management, Economic Development, Physical Improvements, Marketing + Promotions

▪ High value speakers and content including industry subject matter expert keynote speakers

▪ Full Expo access– Enjoy virtual time with different Exhibitors

▪ Networking Opportunities. This is the one time of year when BIA Staff, Board Members, and Municipal Staff get together virtually!

▪ Tickets are also available to be purchased per session.

In these difficult times, the BIA Virtual Professional Development Sessions are a great opportunity for members to learn from each other and share their strength and resilience. 

Download “Why You Should Attend the BIA Virtual Sessions” and share it with your board members 

This is a PDF download   Why You Should Attend the 2020 BIA Conference


Kerry Jarvi | Conference Chair | Downtown Hamilton BIA

Bethea Summers | Pembroke BIA

John Kiru  | TABIA

Judy Worsley | Aldershot BIA

Lisa Anderson | Downtown Dundas BIA

Liz Behrens | Volunteer

Marty Williams | Downtown Guelph BIA

Mary-Lou Ambrose-Little | Downtown Port Colborne BIA

Sue Mingle | Fallsview BIA

Tracy MacKinnon | Westdale Village and Stony Creek BIAs


Kay Matthews | OBIAA Executive Director

Kennishia Duffus | OBIAA Conference Manager

Erin Douglas | OBIAA Administrative Manager

Alisdair Artymiuk | Volunteer

Blagica Temovska | Humber Intern

Erin Boulton | Humber Intern

For Additional Information

If you require any further information, please contact OBIAA at 1-866-807-2227 or via email.

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