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Main Street RM1.0 and Mainstreet Analytics

A CRM built by BIAs for BIAs

OBIAA, with support from the Government of Ontario, has developed a CRM built by BIAs, for BIAs. 


OBIAA has spent the last two years working with BIAs to understand their unique communication and member relationship needs.  By using a common CRM, BIAs now have the added benefit of speaking the same data language.  Using the Metadata from the CRMs (non-identifying data), OBIAA will utilize this opportunity to create Main Street Analytics, a data and benchmarking program to better advocate for BIAs across Ontario.  Main Street Analytics is a platform Economic Development agencies can utilize to better understand; the pulse of Main Street, the effects of major projects on business and the success of programming. 


OBIAA has partnered with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to provide the basic property assessment information that is uploaded to the individual BIAs CRM (MainStreetRM).

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Main Street RM1.0

A CRM built by BIAs for BIAs, Main Street RM1.0 is a day-to-day relationship management platform allowing you to better manage the relationships between the BIA and its membership.   You’ll have the ability to access or edit your information from any of your devices, when you need it.



  • Better understand the make-up of your BIA with standardized categorization:

  • Industry type: Office, Retail, Hospitality etc.

  • Business type: Lawyer, Clothing, Pizzeria etc.



  • Improve communication by easily messaging multiple members based on common criteria:

    • Member Type: Property Owners, Businesses

    • By Categories: Offices, Clothing. Restaurants

    • Mailing Lists: Friends of the BIA, Councillors, City Staff



  • Understand the relationships of your BIA, view your membership by

    • Property Owner: Easily see and interact with members based on common property owners

    • Business Owner: See and interact with business owners with multiple interests in the BIA

    • Property: Easily view members occupying the same building(s

Main Street Analytics

By having a common CRM, BIAs will develop a rich data set of valuable data.  In parallel with the development of Main Street RM1.0, OBIAA is developing Main Street Analytics a platform to consolidate the Metadata of the CRMs and merge it with other data sources to show both a real-time, and a historic view of the ROI of BIAs.


Economic Development Data

  • Track important economic development data, such as:

    • Vacancy Rates

    • New Leases Over Specified Periods

Benchmarking Reports

  • Monthly Reports showing the state of BIAs across the Province;

    • Business Retention and Expansion

    • Increases and Decreases of Business by Category

    • Average Age of Businesses

Better Data Over Time

  • The longer the program is in existence the better data we can provide.

    • Effects of major investments

    • Success rates of businesses by category

    • Effects of Major Events (Pandemics, Natural Disasters, Sporting Events)


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