Cedars of Lake Eugenia in Flesherton is one of those lakeside resorts that have long been popular across Ontario. For new owner Sydney Beam, that rustic appeal has had to go hand-in-hand with driving customer engagement in the digital world.

Lake Eugenia lies at the entrance of the Beaver Valley in the Grey Highlands. The Cedars is one of the lake’s only resorts – a year-around site with nine cottage/chalets.  It’s a perfect setting to escape the stresses of life during COVID-19. For Sydney and her family, it “just felt right” to take over the business during the pandemic, given people’s eagerness to find some kind of safe and serene escape.

The challenge was to find the right way to connect with these potential guests.

Sydney turned to Digital Main Street and qualified for one of its Digital Transformation Grants to build an online presence that would draw more guests. With access to DMS’s free expertise and educational resources, Sydney tackled her business’s key weaknesses when it came to online marketing and advertising.

The effort has included building her social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, updating The Cedars’ website (including adding an online booking platform) and acquiring the technical skills to manage the website herself.

For any other business owner hesitant to embrace online, Sydney said: “Just go for it. With a program like DMS that is offered for free, why not take the leap and try something new?”

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