Supplier Catalogue – Retail

The suppliers listed in our catalogue are the 2022 BIA Conference Exhibitors and our OBIAA Members. To be added to our Supplier Catalogue, please contact [email protected] 

Please note that a listing in this catalogue is not an OBIAA endorsement of the supplier’s services.

LOVE DOWNTOWN. GIFT DOWNTOWN. Lock in spend, drive foot traffic and stimulate economic activity with your own Downtown Gift Card program. The act of giving a ‘local’ gift card is the ultimate endorsement of your community. It encourages advocacy, increases participation and shines a light on everything that place has to offer while diverting more local spending into your downtown or main street.

Our Neighbourhood e-Gift Card is a multi-store electronic gift card that can be purchased online, sent by email or text message, and used at participating merchant locations. A great way to encourage more spend in your neighbourhood and encourage community involvement. 

416-505-6674  |  

The new way to incentivize and promote your BIA, Downtown or neighbourhood. Launch your next “buy local” campaign or local currency powered by Hello’s proprietary platform and reloadable Visa* Prepaid Card.

It’s an exclusive experience for both your local merchants, employers and citizens that only works at businesses you choose.

Deploying Hello’s “buy local” campaign has never been easier. Keep it simple. Hello.

1224 Sainte Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada, H3G 1P1

416-726-0035 |

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