We all need something to believe in.  It is our passion that keeps us going through this challenging time.  Our commitment to Our street, Our area, Our boards of directors, and Our business and property owners.

OBIAA is proud to bring you, “I BELIEVE“.

We all need to shine a light with a positive message, so we invite you to share your “I Believe”, to encourage your board, your Councillors, your businesses, and the people on your street to share their “I Believe”.

Let’s pass the torch, be a bright light in a dark time and choose to “BELIEVE“.

Kay Matthews, OBIAA Executive Director

The I Believe campaign is intended to bring awareness to BIAs and the business community they serve. It is our truth and passion that the I Believe statements will reach the hearts of our communities, our businesses and our peers showing Ontarians and beyond that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and communities.

We Believe in our BIAs, we Believe in the businesses they represent and the activities they perform. We ask you that you Believe in this campaign, in the message it delivers, and the people it serves.

Believe in BIAs.

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