The EnAbling Change Program provides funding for educational projects that promote accessibility for people with disabilities. The program provides financial support and expertise to incorporated non-profit organizations, such as industry umbrella organizations and professional associations that have wide reach to help obligated organizations comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

The program funds a limited number of projects, such as targeted education campaigns across a sector or industry to promote and distribute existing accessibility tools and resources.

Organizations should demonstrate a commitment to accessibility in order to lead by example in their sector.

In 2018-19 the EnAbling Change Program priorities are:

• Increase awareness and support compliance with the Design of Public Spaces Standard among businesses and non-profits, and the public sector

• Increase awareness of invisible disabilities and promote removal of attitudinal barriers in a specific industry or sector

• Advance Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities by:

o Promoting a foundation of accessibility through awareness and compliance with the Employment Standard in a specific industry or sector

o Engage employers by promoting barrier-free recruitment practices for job candidates with disabilities in a specific industry or sector

Preference will be given to applicants that:

• Demonstrate the ability to deliver proposed projects to employer networks across an industry or sector, using various communications channels, including social media and other digital platforms.

• Demonstrate experience promoting and distributing educational products for employers.

• Demonstrate understanding of challenges related to compliance with Ontario’s accessibility standards.

• Demonstrate access to expertise related to employers and people with disabilities in the workplace.

• Demonstrate that projects will benefit stakeholders beyond the funding period.


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