Belleville’s Stephanie Trattner is a passionate and proud professional portrait photographer who splits her time between Belleville and her hometown of Calgary.

Given her expertise, Stephanie is no stranger to strong visuals and making the kind of splash a small business needs to be noticed online these days. But like the classic story of the “cobbler’s children with no shoes,” she was much better at making other people look good.

Stephanie freely admits to needing some friendly discipline and a sound strategy to ensure she is putting the right money, at the right time, into marketing and advertising her business.

These have come from Digital Main Street (DMS). The combination of grant funds, free webinars and other professional resources have enabled her to prioritize consistent updates of her website, social media, newsletters and CRM. In addition, she has adopted automation tools to cut the time that these activities otherwise require.

The benefits of all these efforts begin with the goodwill Stephanie builds with clients when they see their awesome images updated online.

“DMS made me sit down and take a hard look at my business, and to take advantage of all the tools that they could offer to create a plan that would drive results,” Stephanie said. “The DMS helps you shine a light on how best to make use of the digital world with your own unique voice.”

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