Olde Magick in Prescott bills itself as “your magical wiccan shop for the modern witch in all of us,” with classes in wicca, candle magick, spells, and much more.

Wicca, for the uninitiated, is a modern Pagan belief system that has grown to take many forms around the world. In some ways, it harkens back to Europe’s pre-Christian roots. Practitioners present themselves as a positive force against the powers of destruction which threaten the world.

Olde Magick owner Sherry Desnoyers has practiced wicca since 1993. She enjoys helping customers who come to her shop and teaching classes and workshops. Those workshops provide a key source of revenue for the business.

Sherry had relied heavily on Facebook to build her online presence and support e-commerce transactions. When the pandemic struck, she realized she needed to build more channels to reach her customer base. It had also become imperative to take those workshops online to avoid losing a substantial source of revenue.

She turned to Digital Main Street for a Digital Transformation Grant and the professional support to make the most of it.

“Olde Magick was a grateful recipient of the Digital Main Street grant,” Sherry said. “We were able to hire an online business manager and course strategist to take our courses online, develop client funnels, and set up a strategized mailing list system that took the in-person Olde Magick experience to the digital world.”


The Digital Main Street program has been further extended through funding from FedDev Ontario and the Ontario Ministry for Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade (MEDJCT). The new round of funding includes $42.5 million from the Government of Canada’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund, a national recovery initiative delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies. With $7.45 million from Ontario, this combined federal and provincial project will strengthen Ontario’s economic capacity for innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration, and will promote the development of a strong and diversified Ontario economy. For more information, please visit digitalmainstreet.ca/ontariogrants


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