Jun 17

Tourism Oriented Destination Signs

In 2013, OBIAA attending the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth’s (2016, formerly MEDEI) Open For Business Program, where OBIAA presented 5 priorities that the Province was tasked with resolving.

OBIAA’s Recommendation:  That the TODs Signage program be reviewed so the National, Provincial and Municipal programs work together and complement each other, and further that a Main Street Ontario Icon be developed or adopted to encourage economic growth and vitality of our Main Streets.  Further that the RTO’s work with the TODs system to explore cooperation through partnerships.

The Results: OBIAA is delighted to announce the new Rural Icon that has been implemented in the TODS program.  This program criteria allows for rural communities, who are tourism ready, to apply for a TOD Sign using the first ever Rural Downtown Icon.

OBIAA thanks the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth for this wonderful opportunity and the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and Culture for listening and acting on behalf of our rural communities in Ontario.

The TODS Program

  • places signs on Ontario’s roadways for motorists to find tourist attractions, operations and services
  • increases awareness of Ontario’s tourism attractions, operations and services located off provincial highways
  • enhances traffic control through “advanced warning of turns” signs
  • promotes and strengthens tourism in Ontario on a province-wide basis.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Transportation supervise the delivery and maintenance of TODS by a third party – Canadian TODS Limited.

Canadian TODS Limited works with specific businesses interested in placing a sign on the highway directing motorists to their attraction or service.  Canadian TODS Limited is responsible for operating, managing, maintaining and financing the province-wide TODS program.

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