Nov 21

Strategic Planning Train-the-Trainer Program

Strategic Planning Train-the-Trainer Program

Learn to facilitate the strategic planning process for your organization

Strategic Planning Framework This opportunity will help BIAs realize their potential, strengthen the leadership skills of their volunteers, and build a network of support and collaboration. Strategic planning should be embedded into the regular operation of any organization. It helps organizations make sound decisions to guide its activities over time. Training your volunteers will build the buy-in and commitment to implement your strategic plan.

This program is a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA) aimed to build organizational capacity in Ontario’s BIAs.

To Participate BIAs Must:

 Be willing to participate in the strategic planning process
 Have commitment from the board
 Not be in a crisis situation
 Have five volunteers (the team) that will commit to be trained to facilitate strategic planning

Each participating BIA will have:
 A completed strategic plan
 Experienced a strategic planning process
 Volunteers trained to maintain the strategic plan going forward
 Volunteers that have developed leadership skills Participating

BIAs will build capacity by:
 Increasing the number of volunteers trained to do strategic planning
 Increasing the leadership skills of their volunteers
 Increasing collaboration between BIAs
 Developing a network for support for continued organizational development