Our October 5th Webinar was a great success with 70+ participants joining in to hear the latest research results and learn more about the indicators. Download the slides and stay up to date.

Welcome to the Return ON Investment of BIAs Study.   It has long been suspected that BIAs make an enormous contribution to the economic, social and cultural health of our province and our communities. Now it’s time to qualify and quantify that contribution to fully understand the critical role we all play and how to improve on what we’ve accomplished.

To help put the Return ON Investment of BIAs Study into a shared context, the project’s Advisory Committee has developed a “BIA Story” to help all involved tell a common narrative about BIAs across Ontario.

A BIA is integral to advancing a distinct, livable, vibrant and resilient business district within its local community.

This important project is a partnership between OBIAA and TABIA. We are working with expert consultants to conduct this study, and the entire project is overseen by an Advisory Committee specially struck to guide the process. Funded with the support of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Return ON Investment of BIAs Study will identify the common success factors needed by BIAs, industry and government to assess the contribution of BIAs to their communities. Factors will include economic, social and cultural indicators that can be used for economic development and municipal planning in a rapidly changing environment.

The mayors and municipal leaders of your communities have already received a letter from us about the Return ON Investment of BIAs Study. The letter details how this study will help them with planning and prioritizing future investments in economic development, community planning and BIA support. Read the Letter to Mayors.

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