Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are supporting communities across the province to provide tangible improvements to local economies, small business opportunities, and streetscapes in a variety of ways. The goal of the Return ON Investment of BIAS Study is to demonstrate that reality, through a set of quantitative and qualitative measurements. This Background Research Report shows how various municipalities, BIAs and other jurisdictions around the globe are doing it, and also provides some insight into the data currently available.

The Research Report explores the current secondary research and data available on Business Improvement Areas within Ontario and abroad and focuses on provincial, municipal, academic and private industry literature and online tools to build an understanding of the data currently available on BIAs and their related interests, including:

• Currently tracked data on BIAs in Ontario;
• Other benchmarking tools and the methodology used to define the agreed set of indicators;
• Four global case studies and consider the role that legislation plays in facilitating BIAs;
• A snapshot of current metrics available at the municipal and BIA level;
• A preliminary list of data gaps in current practice; and,
• Considerations for defining a hierarchy of preferred indicators.

The Report:

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