Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Program 4.0

Helping Small Businesses Grow by Adopting Digital Tools & Technologies

The Digital Main Street Campaign-in-a-Box You Can Share

OBIAA has put together some useful tools and handouts to help you promote the Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Program and all the opportunities and benefits to your members, local businesses and other stakeholders.

Read on to see what is in the DMS Campaign-in-a-Box 4.0 and how to use it. For starters, the kit contains a collection communication templates and handouts, logos, How-to videos, FAQs and much more. 

Remember to keep checking back here; we will be adding new pieces and updating current handouts in the coming weeks and months.

For more information contact:

Marlise Nishikihama, Marketing and Project Manager email [email protected] or call 905-271-7222 / 416-768-7696
Campaign-in-a-Box ComponentsSuggested Use
Add to WebsiteEmail to StakeholdersPost on Social MediaPrintDeliver by hand
or Mail
Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Background Materials – please read
1.OBIAA Announces June 21st Re-Opening of the DTG Portal – News Release   
2.Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Program Renewal – News Release   
3.DMS 2022 Backgrounder 
Digital Transformation Grant (DTG) FAQs and Tools (HOW TO Videos)
4.Digital Transformation 2022 Grant Program ($2,500) – How to Apply (VIDEO) and Handout/Reference Guide
5.Digital Transformation 2022 Grant Program ($2,500) FAQs and How to Apply 
6.Email Copy about the Digital Transformation Grant for Members (and attach FAQs above)    
7.Social Media Content about Digital Transformation Grant for Members    
DMS Campaign Assets and Promotional Print Piece
8a.Digital Main Street Logo for Web  
8b.Digital Main Street Logo for Print   
9a.Postcard with Full Back (print version)   
9b.Postcard with Sticker Back (print version)   
9c.Postcard with Mailer Back (print version)   
Digital Service Squad (DSS) Grant FAQs and Tools
10.Digital Service Squad 2022 Grant Program FAQs  
11.Digital Service Squad Backgrounder 2022 
12.Email copy about Digital Service Squad Services for Businesses (and attach FAQs and Backgrounder, above)    
13.Social Media content about Digital Service Squad Services for Businesses    
14.Sample Authorization Letter about Digital Service Squad Services for Businesses  
15.Digital Service Squad Sample Job Description 
Digital Skills Training
16a.FREE Digital Skills Workshops for Businesses – Hosting Requirements  
16b.FREE Digital Skills Workshops for Businesses – Request Form  
Digital Vendors
17.Calling Digital Vendors to Digital Main Street  

Make Sure Your DSS Members Know About The Campaign-in-a-Box


We’ve put together a virtual Campaign-in-a-Box – a set of tools to help you raise awareness of Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Program in your BIA/municipality. It’s important that your local businesses know about Digital Main Street and how to get access to the grant funding and tools that are available.