Jul 25

OBIAA Consultation Paper on the proposed changes to Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

In June 2017, OBIAA, upon receiving numerous calls and emails of concern from our members, conducted a Minimum Wage Increase Survey.

Newsletters were sent out to 400 recipients, which represents 219 member BIAs asking them to forward the survey to their members.  Over three weeks 1,055 survey responses were received.  The survey is in no way 100% accurate or conclusive and should be accepted as guidelines only.

OBIAA’s goal was to clearly identify:

~ Potential Government offsets or small business support
~ Unintended consequences
~ Economic Impact Study
~ Economic Impact on Small Businesses
~ Regional Impacts

As a part of our consultation, we reached out to Minister Flynn, Minister of Labour requesting any Economic Impact Study that the Government of Ontario had undertaken leading up to the Minimum Wage Increase.  Unfortunately, we did not receive a response to our request.  We also consulted with our Board Liaison from the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG) and confirmed our wish to support our small businesses by offering suggestions of potential offsets.  We stress our commitment to working with MEDG to mitigate the economic impact that the Minimum Wage (and other recommendations) may bring.

It is our intention to bring this issue, among others, to the Planning, Environment, Resources and Land Deputy Ministers (PERL) in early 2018.

The attached is the results of our findings.


2017 OBIAA Minimum Wage Report