Nov 22

New Strategic Framework for Tourism in Ontario

A message from Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

November 22, 2016

Dear tourism partners:

Today, the government’s released a new Strategic Framework for Tourism in Ontario.

The framework signifies a shift in the way government and industry work together and will encourage collaborative and innovative approaches to tourism that are focused on our shared goals.

It is the next step in the government’s commitment to ensuring the industry is best positioned for success in the global market and will build on the success of our tourism investment initiatives. The framework will also serve as an important tool to guide our work as we maximize the growth and competitiveness of Ontario’s tourism sector.

Over the next five years, the framework will:

  • build more alignment and efficiencies in Ontario’s marketing system
  • enhance tourism’s economic impact through our regional tourism approach
  • develop the tourism workforce with our industry partners
  • improve Ontario’s business climate by including  tourism as the 7th sector in the government’s Red Tape Challenge.

The government understands the important role the tourism industry plays in building a strong economy and the positive impact it has on the lives of everyday Ontarians. In 2014, tourism supported 372,000 jobs and generated $29.8 billion of economic activity in Ontario. Together with the culture and sport sectors, tourism generates good jobs for people, brings in billions of dollars in revenue and strengthens communities across the province.

Strategic Framework for Tourism in Ontario