The mandate of the Cornwall Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) is to build and maintain a strong business area for the community, and promote the downtown area so our businesses thrive and prosper. The DBIA strives to improve, beautify and maintain public land and buildings within the BIA beyond that which is provided by the municipality at large.

The DBIA operates with a Board of Directors of local leaders who strive to see the Downtown as a beautiful destination for locals and tourists alike.



This year, the BIA board intends to participate in a range of activities:

  • Marketing: We are re-branding the downtown with a fresh, new look and launching a website that will be much easier to navigate and will contain much more up-to-date information.
  • Business recruitment: We hope to work with property owners to ensure that available space is occupied and that an optimum business and service mix is achieved and maintained.
  • Streetscape improvement and beautification: We will be continuing our downtown lighting program and furniture replacement plan; providing for more customer-friendly lighting, signage, street furniture, planters, banners and sidewalk treatments.
  • Seasonal decorations:  We are creating a unique and pleasant environment for customers and staff of all businesses, retail and non-retail, through the use of decorations that are appropriate to the season and holiday.
  • Special events: We will be organizing and partnering in more special events that highlight the unique attributes of the area and increase customer visits.

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