Digital Main StreetDigital Main Street – Digital Service Squad Grants

$10,000 Grants to Establish Digital Service Squads

As part of the Digital Main Street Grant program funded by the Province of Ontario in partnership with the Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA), Digital Service Squads are teams of digital technology specialists in an area or region of Ontario that will deliver one-on-one assistance to small main street businesses.

The squads will provide assessments, consulting and advice to main street small businesses on how they can adopt digital technologies to help them promote, sell and manage their businesses more effectively.

How do we apply?

Applications for DSSG began on October 15, 2018 and will continue to be accepted until October 31, 2019.

The process for entities applying for the Digital Service Squad Grand has two main stages:

Stage 1 – Application

  • Describe the applicant and detail any partnership formed for the purposes of this grant application. Include copies of partnership agreements or MOU’s if applicable.
  • Provide detailed information regarding the intent, plan and players:
    • Describe the organizational structure and who will be responsible for the administration of the grant funds.
    • Describe the applicant’s geographic area including (if applicable) the number of BIAs and the number of main street businesses to be served.
    • Describe the applicant’s process of acquisition of goods and services for the purposes of satisfying the grant project goals.
    • Describe the project action plan to include timelines for hiring staff, purchasing equipment and executing deliverables.
    • Include a detailed budget.

Stage 2 – Review and Granting

  • OBIAA will review the application and once approved, the applying entity will receive the grant agreement to be executed by both the entity and the Ontario BIA Association.
  • Upon receipt of the signed grant agreement, OBIAA will release the funds to begin implementing the Digital Service Squad in their city.

Download the Digital Service Squad Grants FAQ and visit for more information on qualifying and applying for Digital Service Squad Grants.