Jun 8

Construction of Meridian Place & Enhancements to Memorial Square Well Under Way

On June 1st, in partnership with the City of Barrie, the Downtown Barrie BIA began construction on Meridian Place. The plan, which is the first collaboration between the BIA and the City, is an ambitious capital project aiming to complete a comprehensive redevelopment of Memorial Square, providing a refurbished and more prominently positioned cenotaph that will allow for larger memorial events.

The project is set to be complete by the Spring of 2018.

About Meridian Place:
Meridian Place is a large public gathering and outdoor event space in the center of the city that will become a conduit to the waterfront in Downtown Barrie. It will include the historically significant Nine Mile Portage tier and the state of the art performance stage on the lower tier and will share the space with the redeveloped Memorial Square on the upper tier.

See Downtown Barrie BIA’s press release here.