Jul 14

Cannabis legalization in Ontario

The Government of Ontario wants your input to help inform the development of a responsible approach to regulating cannabis in Ontario that keeps youth safe, strengthens public health and road safety, and focuses on prevention and harm reduction.

Read this paper and email your responses to cannabis@ontario.ca by July 31, 2017.

The Government of Ontario will report back on what we heard during this consultation in fall 2017.


In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis(also called marijuana) in Canada by July 2018.

If passed, the federal government’s proposed Cannabis Act, would regulate the production, distribution and possession of cannabis in Canada, among other things. Provinces and territories, meanwhile, must make important decisions on the use, sale and health and safety impacts of legalization. Provinces could also adjust or build on certain federal rules like raising the minimum age above 18.

About the consultation

The decisions being made about the legalization of cannabis are important to people across Ontario. We know that this change will impact everyone, not only cannabis users.

We want to hear from you to help understand how the federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana will impact Ontarians, and how Ontario can best respond to keep people safe.

We are looking for feedback in five key areas:

  1. Setting a minimum age for having, using and buying cannabis
  2. Regulating cannabis sales in Ontario
  3. Deciding where people can use cannabis
  4. Keeping our roads safe, and
  5. Planning public education.

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