Jan 11

Ontario BIA Association releases the “BIA Handbook on the AODA”

Ontario BIA Association releases the OBIAA – AODA Handbook For BIAs, a central guide to accessibility and the AODA for BIA Staff.

MISSISSAUGA – January 11, 2016 – The Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) has released the first ever AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) guide developed specifically with BIAs in mind. The handbook highlights essential information in an easy-to-understand format; answers commonly asked questions; and summarizes the AODA requirements and deadlines that relate directly to you and your business members.

This handbook includes:

~ Easy-to-understand information on the AODA
~ The business case for accessibility
~ Best practices and useful tips
~ Frequently asked questions
~ Resources and links to templates, research, and guides


~ The AODA applies to all organizations with 1+ employees – more than 360,000 businesses and organizations
70% of disabilities are invisible.
~ Less than 2% of people who have a disability use a wheelchair or scooter as their primary mode of transportation.
~ Over the next 20 years, an aging population and people with disabilities will represent 40% of the total income in Ontario – $536 Billion.
~ Improved accessibility in Ontario can help generate up to $9.6 Billion in new retail spending and $1.6 Billion in new tourism spending.


“Ontario BIA Association is delighted to present this BIA Handbook on the AODA.  OBIAA is committed to championing the AODA.  Through education, networking and advocacy, OBIAA is aiding our BIAs and their members in the understanding and adoption of this ground-breaking Act.”  Ellen Timms, President| OBIAA


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