Energy Efficiency Awareness

Get Green and Reduce Costs:
Energy Efficiency Awareness Initiative

There are a lot of costs when it comes to running a business.  One cost that businesses often don’t think about is their energy expenses, including lighting, heating and cooling.  OBIAA and the province have partnered on the Ontario Energy Efficiency Awareness Initiative (EEAI) to help small businesses get greener and save money by helping them to understand how they use energy and where they can make smart investments to reduce their use and their costs. The program is anticipated to launch in mid-July once the new provincial government transition is complete.

Part of the larger Main Street Enhancement Initiative (MSEI), the Energy Efficiency Awareness Initiative is designed to help small main street businesses assess and improve their energy efficiency. OBIAA and BIAs are trusted by small business owners and will use their local expertise to help design and deliver an education and awareness campaign that is tailored to their small business members.

Market Research to identify the gaps in knowledge of the BIAs and BIA member business with regards to energy management practices, energy efficiency programs and the benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

Education and Awareness to:

  1. Equip BIAs with the materials and templates required to hold education and awareness events for member businesses.
  2. Inform BIAs and members through webinars, website and social media.

Participant Recognition through the OBIAA Awards to add a minimum of two new award categories; to recognize (a) a BIA, (b) a BIA-endorsed small business. The new award categories will recognize significant efforts and/or results in promoting and/or undertaking energy efficiency programs.

Workshops and Conference Sessions where OBIAA will hold energy efficiency break-out sessions at the annual conferences in 2019 and 2020.

The project, which is anticipated to start rolling out over the summer and fall of 2018, is intended to result in an increase in small businesses’ knowledge of how to manage their energy usage and reduce their GHG emissions through energy management practices and an increased participation in energy efficiency program such as the existing Save On Energy electricity conservation programs and natural gas conservation programs and the planned Green Ontario Fund programs.